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DeGirum Tools for Edge AI Applications Development

Copyright DeGirum Corp. 2022-2023

DeGirum is a fabless semiconductor company developing hardware and software solutions to accelerate the development and adoption of edge AI applications. This is made possible by the following products/tools developed by DeGirum.

DeGirum Products

  1. ORCA™ AI HW Accelerator: ORCA™, DeGirum's first generation ASIC, is a powerful and flexible AI HW accelerator designed for edge AI applications.

    See ORCA Performance Benchmarks

  2. DeLight™ Cloud Platform: DeLight™ is a cloud platform developed by DeGirum that provides cloud access to ORCA™ and other edge AI HW accelerators to enable rapid development of edge AI applications.

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  3. PySDK: The DeGirum AI Inference Python Software Development Kit, PySDK, is a Python package which provides simple APIs to perform inference on ML models on different HW options.

    See PySDK Installation Instructions

  4. Models: DeGirum provides an extensive collection of pre-trained models targeted for different HW options. Additionally, DeGirum provides tools that enable users to port their own models to multiple HW options.

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