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PySDK 0.8.0

Release Date: 05/19/2023

IMPORTANT: This is the first release which supports DeGirum Orca 1.1 AI Accelerator

New Features and Modifications

DeGirum Orca 1.1 AI Accelerator is initially supported.

Orca 1.1 is DeGirum first production AI accelerator IC. It has the same functionality as pre-production Orca 1.0 AI accelerator IC, but delivers up to 40% performance improvements.

The kernel driver installation for Orca 1.1 is the same as for Orca 1.0.

The PySDK and DeGirum Cloud Platform support for Orca 1.1 is the same as for Orca 1.0.

However, the AI models compiled for Orca 1.0 are not compatible with Orca 1.1.

DeGirum public cloud model zoo now contains separate set of models compiled for Orca 1.1.

The names of Orca 1.1-compatible models have orca1 suffix in their name, like mobilenet_v1_imagenet--224x224_quant_n2x_orca1_1 (as opposed to orca for Orca 1.0: compare with mobilenet_v1_imagenet--224x224_quant_n2x_orca_1).

For Orca 1.1, the DeviceType property of ModelParams class (as returned by degirum.model.Model.model_info method) has ORCA1 value (as opposed to ORCA for Orca 1.0).

The Cloud Zoo browsing page on DeGirum Cloud Platform web-site has ORCA1 device type filter, which you can use to filter-out Orca 1.1-compatible models.