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PySDK 0.8.1

Release Date: 06/07/2023

IMPORTANT: This release has critical bug fixes for ORCA1 AI accelerator device.

New Features and Modifications

PySDK User Guide documentation is redesigned for improved look and feel.

Critical Fixes

New firmware is released for ORCA1 AI accelerator device, which fixes critical bug related to on-board DRAM operation. That bug caused DRAM data corruption.

Bug Fixes

  1. Device temperature DeviceTemperature_C as returned by degirum.model.Model.time_stats() method, is reported incorrectly for ORCA1 AI accelerator device.

  2. The label text shown on the image overlay result of object detection is shifted down in respect to the label box. This is especially visible when overlay font scale (degirum.model.Model.verlay_font_scale property) is set greater than 1.