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PySDK 0.8.4

Release Date: 07/12/2023

New Features and Modifications

  1. degirum sys-info CLI command output has changed. Now it reports the device names prefixed with runtime agent names, which support those devices. For example, ORCA1 device is now reported as N2X/ORCA1. This modification is important to disambiguate the CPU device, which is supported by multiple runtimes such as OPENVINO/CPU, N2X/CPU, and TFLITE/CPU.

Bug Fixes

  1. Cloud inferences of AI models designed for third-party runtimes such as OpenVINO or TFLite may fail with the error message Model requires 'CPU' device, but no such device is found in the system. This happens because of incorrect scheduling of a model to a cloud farm node, which does not have proper third-party runtime installed.