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PySDK 0.9.3

Release Date: 10/02/2023

New Features and Modifications

  1. Inference on Intel® Arc™ family of GPUs with OpenVINO™ runtime is initially supported.

  2. Pretty-printing is implemented for model inference statistics. If model is an instance of degirum.model.Model class, then print(model.time_stats()) will print inference statistics in tabulated form, similar to the text below:

    Statistic                     ,    Min,    Avg,    Max,    Cnt
    PythonPreprocessDuration_ms   ,   5.00,   5.00,   5.00,      1
    CoreInferenceDuration_ms      , 349.94, 349.94, 349.94,      1
    CoreLoadResultDuration_ms     ,   0.02,   0.02,   0.02,      1
    CorePostprocessDuration_ms    ,   0.09,   0.09,   0.09,      1
    CorePreprocessDuration_ms     ,   2.78,   2.78,   2.78,      1
    DeviceInferenceDuration_ms    ,   0.00,   0.00,   0.00,      1
    FrameTotalDuration_ms         , 610.34, 610.34, 610.34,      1

    str(model.time_stats()) expression will return the same text.

Bug Fixes

  1. Python post-processor support was broken. An attempt to specify Python post-processor for a model led to the following error: Model postprocessor type is not known: Python. Starting from this version, the Python post-processor support is restored the following way. If you want to use Python post-processor, then:

    • you need to specify the name of the Python file with your Python post-processor implementation in the PythonFile parameter of the POST_PROCESS section;
    • you need to specify one of supported PySDK post-processor types in the OutputPostprocessType parameter of the POST_PROCESS section;
    • the result format generated by your Python post-processor must be compatible with the PySDK post-processor type specified in the OutputPostprocessType parameter.

    Currently supported post-processor types are:

    • "None"
    • "Classification"
    • "Detection"
    • "FaceDetection"
    • "PoseDetection"
    • "HandDetection"
    • "Segmentation"

    The corresponding result formats are described in PySDK User's Guide, degirum.postprocessor.InferenceResults.results attribute description.

    For security reasons, at the time of this release the DeLight cloud platform does not allow uploading to cloud model zoos models with Python post-processor for regular accounts: only cloud platform administrators can do it.

  2. TFLite runtime plugin was missing in PySDK package for Windows.