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PySDK 0.9.6

Release Date: 10/17/2023

New Features and Modifications

  1. New CoreInputFrameSize_bytes statistic is added to the inference statistics collection reported by degirum.model.Model.time_stats() method. This statistic represents the size (in bytes) of input frames received by AI model for inference.

Bug Fixes

  1. degirum sys-info command re-initializes DeGirum Orca AI accelerator hardware not in interprocess-safe way, disrupting operation of other processes using the same Orca accelerator hardware. For example, AI server is running on a system equipped with Orca accelerator hardware, and degirum sys-info command is executed on the same system. In this case the following error appears: "RPC control is in inconsistent state. Software recovery is not possible: please restart device".

  2. When performing AI inference of CPU-based ONNX quantized models using OpenVINO runtime on host computers equipped with modern AMD CPUs such as AMD RYZEN, the following error message appears: "Check 'false' failed at src/inference/src/core.cpp:131: could not create a primitive ... [ERROR]<continued> Failed to compile".

  3. When performing AI inference of models with audio input frame type, the following error message appears: "There is no Image inputs in model".