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Age Estimation


Dataset Name Training Images Validation Images Value Labels License
IMDB-Clean1 183,887 45,890 0: Age Annotations under MIT1

1: The IMDB-Clean dataset is derived from the IMDB-Wiki dataset, which is made available for academic research purpose only. All the images are collected from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original owners. The annotations in IMDB-Clean dataset are under the MIT license.

Here is an example of the output for age estimation.

Age Estimation

Model Zoo

DeGirum's age estimation model zoo consists of a variety of models gathered and trained using ultralytics repository. Here is the link to DeGirum's age estimation zoo.

Model Architecture Input Size Precision Runtime Device Type MAE MSE FPS
yolov8n_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 N2X ORCA1 4.79 40.48 446.3
yolov8n_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 TFLITE EDGETPU 4.78 40.08 --
yolov8n_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 OPENVINO CPU 4.76 39.87 --
yolov8n_relu6_age 256x256 FP32 OPENVINO CPU 4.76 39.83 --
yolov8s_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 N2X ORCA1 4.40 34.94 293.7
yolov8s_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 TFLITE EDGETPU 4.40 34.92 --
yolov8s_relu6_age 256x256 INT8 OPENVINO CPU 4.39 34.91 --
yolov8s_relu6_age 256x256 FP32 OPENVINO CPU 4.39 34.82 --