In this page, we provide performance benchmarks of DeGirum Orca AI accelerator on various models. The frames per second (FPS) numbers are obtained by running the single_model_performance_test.ipynb jupyter notebook on a machine equipped with ORCA1. The script can also be run on the cloud platform to estimate the performance. All FPS numbers are for batch_size=1. This page will be periodically updated to reflect the latest performance numbers. As our compiler and software mature, we expect to add more models and also improve the performance.

Last updated on: Oct 23, 2023

Model Name FPS
efficientnet_es_imagenet--224x224_quant 187
mobiledet_coco--320x320_quant 128
mobilenet_v1_imagenet--224x224_quant 407
mobilenet_v2_imagenet--224x224_quant 360
resnet50_imagenet--224x224_pruned_quant 250
yolo_v5s_face_det--512x512_quant 126