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PySDK Supported Configurations

The table below lists operating systems, CPU architectures, and Python versions supported by latest released PySDK version.

Operating System Supported CPU Architectures Supported Python Versions
Ubuntu Linux 20.04, 22.04 x86-64 3.8 ... 3.11
Ubuntu Linux 20.04, 22.04 ARM AArch64 3.8 ... 3.11
Raspberry Pi OS (64 bit) ARM AArch64 3.9
Windows 10/11 x86-64 3.8 ... 3.11
macOS 12 x86-64 3.9
macOS 12 ARM AArch64 3.9

Basic Installation of PySDK Python Package

It is recommended to install PySDK in a virtual environment. Please see PySDK Supported Configurations for a list of supported system configurations.

To install DeGirum PySDK from use the following command:


python3 -m pip install degirum

To do clean upgrade to the most recent PySDK version use the following command:

Clean upgrade

python3 -m pip uninstall -y degirum && python3 -m pip install degirum

If during the installation you get the following errors:


ERROR: Could not find a version that the requirement degirum
ERROR: No matching distribution found for degirum

then try to upgrade pip package by running the following command:

Upgrade pip

python3 -m pip install -U pip

DeGirum Docker Images

For the ease of deployment, DeGirum provides Docker images for the DeGirum AI server and PySDK AI client installations.

Please follow this GitHub link to DeGirum Docker repo for details how to run these images and for corresponding source Dockerfiles.